winwalk account deletion

There is no registration system in winwalk and we do not know users' email address, phone number, or any other login information. The application is simply linked to the phone on which it is installed. However, as a winwalk user, you have the right to request the deletion of your winwalk account. Please keep in mind that deleting your winwalk account data will also delete all data we have collected on your account, including your coins and any gift cards you may have earned.

Once your winwalk account data is deleted, it cannot be recovered!

How to automatically delete the account in the app:

1) Open winwalk and visit the Settings (at the top left)
2) Tap “My Account” > “Delete my account”
3) Confirm the account deletion

How to request account deletion by email:

1) Email us at
2) Include the following information so that we can find your winwalk account:

3) After submitting the form, this process may take up to 7 days and you will receive the account deletion confirmation via email.